About Us
Capital Property Solutions is a veteran owned and operated real estate company located in Denver, CO that provides fulfilling real estate solutions for both home buyers and sellers. Our team of real estate experts has experience in all aspects of real estate. We will work with you to make your home purchases and sales process as simple as possible, while providing you with the most up-to-date information of your transaction process as it develops.

Our Team.
At Capital Property Solutions we understand the importance of having a great team on your side. We've formed a circle of real estate professionals with expertise you can count on. We can handle the marketing, finance, and negotiations of some of the most complicated real estate transactions

Tools of the Trade.
At Capital Property Solutions we believe technology helps to streamline and automate the home buying and selling process. That is why we utilize state of the art lead generation websites to bring in qualified buyer and seller leads 24 hours a day. We also utilize SellPoint.com property blasting technology to blast your properties out on the internet to find buyers with the click of a button, giving your property maximum exposure on the web.